“Nigeria: $21 billion in revenue, 100,000 jobs coming from our refinery” – Aliko Dangote.

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President Buhari opened the refinery at Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, and Dangote,  said its products “will be in the market before the end of July.”

Among other refined products, the facility is anticipated to manufacture Premium Motor Spirit (petrol), diesel (Automotive Gas Oil), aviation jet fuel, and Dual-Purpose Kerosene (DPK).This petrochemical and refinery facility is evidence of your ambition for Nigeria.

It demonstrates that, unlike what the rest of the world may believe, Nigeria is capable of producing all of the goods it needs on its own while also exporting the surplus to other countries. He pointed out that investment in these industries had been vital in helping Nigeria transition from being heavily dependent on imports to becoming a net exporter.

Nigeria to cease importing petroleum products”Under President Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership, this seemingly unattainable project has berthed and, correspondingly, under the incoming administration of President.


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