Non Fungible Token Marketplace “OpenSea” Lose Coin To Hackers

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The world’s largest Non Fungible Token marketplace, OpenSea, has reportedly lost 332 Etherium to hackers on Monday.

This amounts to $2,350 per Ether and $780,000, based on the current market rate.

Peck Shield, a blockchain security company made this known through a tweet that read. “It appears that @opensea has a front-end issue and the exploiter gained about 332 Ether.”

The tweet came along with an Ether Scan transaction ID for the hack.

Peck Shield, which was founded to elevate the security and usability of the entire blockchain ecosystem, did not give further details as of the time of the report.

Non Fungible Tokens are verifiable digital assets that stem from artworks, collectibles, and other digital items that can be traded on a blockchain platform.

Details later…
– Punch

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