Nigerian Firm X-agon Digital Launches AnyworkX, an E-Service Ordering App, Aiming for Pan-African Presence

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X-agon Digital Solutions Limited, an indigenous Nigerian firm, has unveiled AnyworkX, an e-service ordering app designed to connect verified service providers with customers. The app aims to create a larger and borderless marketplace, enabling service providers to reach a broader customer base and increase their revenue. AnyworkX will initially be deployed in five African countries by the end of Q1 2024. The platform covers over 200 service categories, emphasizing safety and security through mandatory verification levels to reduce identity fraud.

Key Points:

  1. Introduction of AnyworkX:
    • X-agon Digital Solutions Limited has launched AnyworkX, an e-service ordering app connecting verified service providers with customers.
  2. Aiming for Pan-African Presence:
    • The firm plans to deploy AnyworkX in five African countries by the end of Q1 2024, positioning itself to tap into the e-commerce market in Africa, projected to reach $40.80 billion in 2023.
  3. Purpose and Benefits of AnyworkX:
    • AnyworkX is designed to create a larger, borderless marketplace for service providers, enhancing their ability to earn more revenue. The platform aims to reduce unprofessional service delivery and scams by providing verified service provider information.
  4. Service Categories:
    • AnyworkX covers over 200 different categories of services, including dog training, marriage counseling, music instrument teaching, lessons, medical and wellness services, ambulance services, legal services, and automobile services.
  5. Safety and Security Measures:
    • X-agon Digital Solutions Limited has implemented mandatory security verification levels to ensure the safety and security of users, reducing the risk of identity fraud on the platform.
  6. Executive Director’s Perspective:
    • Bolaji Tijani, the Executive Director of Product and Strategy at X-agon Digital Solutions Limited, highlighted the increasing cost of living globally and emphasized the need to reduce idle time and create convenience for customers, especially during emergencies.

The launch of AnyworkX by X-agon Digital Solutions Limited represents an entry into the growing e-commerce market in Africa. The platform’s focus on connecting verified service providers with customers across various categories and its emphasis on safety and security measures aim to address challenges in the service delivery industry. As the app expands to multiple African countries, it seeks to provide a solution for service providers looking to increase their revenue and offer convenient, reliable services to customers.


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