In Ten Years, 271 Structures have Collapsed in Lagos.

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According to records obtained from the Building Collapse Prevention Guild, Lagos State has the highest number of fatalities with over 271 buildings collapsing over the past ten years. The records revealed that of the 541 cases that were officially reported in the nation between 1974 and 2022, 271 collapsed buildings account for 50% of those incidents.

As the threat of collapsing structures continues to plague the country’s built industry, there have been at least 531 fatalities out of the 271 collapses recorded in the past 10 years. Out of the 271 collapses reported over the past ten years, 115 cases—or 42.4% of all cases—were reported in Lagos State.

Weeks after the incident, investigations found that the construction project lacked the required approval from  regulatory authorities. Speaking exclusively with The PUNCH, a former president of the Nigerian Institute of Builders, Kunle Awobodu, blamed weak regulations for the incessant cases of building collapse in Lagos State.


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