Nigeria Senate Committee Supports Coalition’s Call for N20/Litre Sugar Tax.

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The National Action on Sugar Reduction Coalition (NASR) is advocating for an increase in the current tax on sugar-sweetened beverages from N10 per litre to N20 per litre. Hon. Yusuf Tanko Sununu, the chairman of the House Committee on Health Care Services, has backed this cause.

A N10 per litre excise tax on sweetened, carbonated, and non-alcoholic beverages had been approved by the 2021 Finance Act. However, the coalition has argued that a tax increase was necessary to adequately address the health issues caused by sugar consumption and to make it possible to invest in the nation’s health infrastructure.

According to the group, a significant increase in the sugar tax would have a positive effect on type 2 diabetes and heart disease, both of which are brought on by consuming sugary beverages.


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