Europe’s Alternatives If Russia Cuts Off Gas Supply.

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 The Nord Stream 1 pipeline that transports Russian gas to Germany will undergo maintenance from Aug. 31-Sept. 2, prompting concerns about supply to Europe if the outage is extended. 

Russia slashed flows through the pipeline to 40% of capacity in June and to 20% in July.

It has also cut off supply to several European countries such as Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Poland, and reduced flows via other pipelines since launching what Moscow calls its “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Russia typically supplies about 40% of Europe’s natural gas, mostly by pipeline. Deliveries last year were around 155 billion cubic metres (bcm).

Via Ukraine the gas goes mainly to Austria, Italy, Slovakia and other east European states. Ukraine has closed the Sokhranovka transit pipeline that runs through Russian-occupied territory in the east of the country.


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