Hyundai Is Working On A Driverless Car That Can Also Turn Into A ‘Walking Machine’

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The Hyundai Motor Group has released details of a concept vehicle designed to function as both a four-wheel-drive car and a “four-legged walking machine,” in the latest example of how ideas on mobility and logistics are changing.

According to a statement from the South Korean automotive giant Wednesday, the vehicle known as TIGER, or transforming intelligent ground excursion robot has been designed to operate without a crew and in “extreme, remote locations.”A team from Hyundai’s California-based New Horizons Studio has been working alongside U.S. firms Autodesk and Sundberg-Ferar on the project’s development.

In the real world, it’s envisaged that TIGER would undertake tasks such as delivering items and distributing emergency aid packages.

If the vehicle needs to traverse tricky terrain not conducive to wheel-based transport or becomes stuck, its “walking ability” can be used to rectify the situation so the journey can continue. 


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