US-based Low-skilled Nigerians Increase Income by 1,500%.

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According to data from the World Bank, low-skilled Nigerians who immigrated to the US had a 1,500% rise in their income. According to the survey, those who migrated from low-income to high-income countries stood to benefit the most from their decision.

For instance, low-skilled Yemenis and Nigerians who immigrate to the US see a 15-fold rise in income.The countries with the largest gains for low-skilled migrants include Yemen (almost 1,500%), Nigeria (nearly 1,500%), and Egypt (over 1000%), according to a graph displaying the growth.

The financial expenses of shifting, particularly for the low-skilled, were shown to occasionally offset income increases. Nigeria was also mentioned as a significant source of and final destination for migrants, adding that Nigeria is home to almost 1.3 million immigrants and is the origin of 1.7 million emigrants.


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