A Firm Promotes Sustainable packaging

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Tetra Pak, a provider of food processing and packaging solutions, has launched its “better with carton” campaign to advocate for beverage packaging that is environmentally friendly. The corporation disclosed the information at a media conference in Lagos, stressing that environmental effects of PET bottle packaging were starting to raise questions.

Oshiokamele Aruna, the managing director of Tetra Pak West Africa, made a point of highlighting the enormous health advantages of carton packing as well as its potential for recycling into other practical goods.

According to him, Tetra Pak has long fought for the continual need for secure food packaging and has made health and safety part of its guiding principles. Clement Sunday, the director of Tetra Pak West Africa said that the company has been to make evaporated milk accessible to millions of consumers, regardless of their socio-economic class.


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