NITDA says Nigeria can Earn 40billion from the Tech Sector.

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Nigeria currently has a competitive advantage to become the global talent factory in the tech sector with the capacity to earn over $40bn annually.”

Abdullahi observed that there was currently a vacancy of about four million programmers globally of which Nigeria had the capacity to produce two million which could be plugged to the global value chain.

Speaking on how NITDA is working towards building talents in the technology sector, Abdullahi said the agency had commenced its one million developers initiative aimed at empowering one million Nigerians to plug into the global value chain. He further noted that the programme was focused on building talents on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, and data analytics, which he described as key to the digital economy.

Abdullahi noted that NITDA was working on the National Digital Economy Bill, aimed at providing the legal framework for the digital economy to thrive.


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