Stakeholders want Nigeria to Adopt Ghana’s Port System.

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Stakeholders have advocated for Nigeria to adopt Ghana’s Single Window System and Trade-Net, an electronic data exchange network.

Additionally, they applauded the introduction of the Nigerian Port Process Manual (NPPM); which has made conducting business at the country’s ports easier and significantly decreased corruption tendencies.

At a two-day seminar on the Nigerian Port Process Manual’s implementation, they delivered the submission yesterday (NPPM).

He claimed that the overview of the manual and discussions on the responsibilities of various stakeholders, the mode of terminal operations, shipping operations, attitude of truckers, and role of dock workers as enshrined in the manual would be useful in enhancing stakeholders’ knowledge of the industry and fostering operational efficiency in line with international best practices.

According to the head of the NSC, if relevant parties and authorities abide by the criteria and guidelines outlined in the handbook; obstacles would naturally disappear and allow for smooth operations at the country’s seaports.


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