Shippers council implements e-registration to boost port security

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The Nigerian Shippers Council (NSC) has announced the introduction of e-registration for regulated port service providers and users, aiming to enhance security measures and eliminate anonymous operators. The NSC emphasized that the registration process, which has seen only 185 participants so far, will become mandatory from the fourth quarter of the year, with enforcement measures including office closures for unregistered entities.

Speaking at a sensitization workshop in Lagos, NSC’s Executive Secretary/CEO, Pius Akutah, highlighted the significance of registration in curbing illegal activities and ensuring accountability within the port sector. By requiring all operators to register, the NSC aims to eliminate clandestine practices and provide registered entities with access to relevant information to aid their operations.

Deputy Director of Consumers Services, Celestine Akunjobi, reiterated the importance of registration and warned against engaging non-registered operators. The NSC plans to intensify its awareness campaigns before commencing enforcement actions in the fourth quarter.

Source: Vanguard

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