Ukraine Charges Russia of Impeding the Full Execution of the Grain Agreement.

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Ukraine said that seven ships left its ports with grain intended for Asia and Europe; but claimed that Russia was preventing the full implementation of the Black Sea grain agreement.

The deal, mediated in July by the UN and Turkey, made it possible for Ukraine to resume grain exports from Black Sea ports that had been closed since Russia’s invasion.

The agreement was renewed after Ukraine requested it, but questions about whether Russia will consent to a post-Nov. 19 extension have grown as a result of Russia’s frequent objections over the agreement’s implementation.

Since August 1, 380 ships have transported 8. 5 million tonnes of food from Ukraine’s Black Sea ports to nations in Africa, Asia, and Europe as a result of the grain deal made in Istanbul.

40,000 tonnes of wheat were being transported by the World Food Programme from Chornomorsk to Yemen; a development that was applauded by the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy.


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