NMA Reports 10,296 Nigerian Doctors Practicing in the UK.

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According to the Nigerian Medical Association, Nigeria is currently experiencing the worst brain drain in its history; with no less than 10,296 Nigerian-trained physicians currently working in the United Kingdom.

At a press conference to commemorate the 2022 Physicians’ Week in Ibadan, the association’s National President, Dr. Uche Ojinmah, brought up the issue.

Dr. Wale Lasisi, the chairman of the Oyo State NMA, said on behalf of Ojinmah “Nigerian doctors currently make up the third-highest foreign doctor population in the UK, behind Pakistan and India.

Ojinmah also complained about the members’ wellbeing given the absence of facilities and infrastructure.

Added he, “Let me tell you all that a Nigerian doctor is underpaid, overworked, lacking in the tools they need to accomplish their jobs, and has turned into a slave.


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