In September 2022, PoS Transactions Reached a Record-breaking Monthly High of N735.6billion.

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Nigerian Point of Sales (PoS) terminal transaction volume increased to N735.6 billion in September 2022. As more Nigerians use cashless transactions, this set a new monthly record for platform transactions.

According to NIBSS data, 1.484 million active terminals used by retailers across the nation processed the transactions. According to the research, Lagos accounted for almost 70% of all PoS transactions in 2020.

As the number of PoS transactions in the state increased from 226 million in 2019 to over 453 million by the end of 2020, this reflects a 100% growth in the volume of PoS transactions in the state.

Oyo, with a contribution of 2.6% (17.2 million), and Delta, with a contribution of 2. 5%, are two additional states in the Top 5 PoS sites by volume (16.6 million).


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