“Japa”: The UK is Considering Stricter Regulations as Nigerians Bring The Most Relatives.

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According to the UK, there may be a cap on the number of relatives immigrants are to bring to the country.

According to government sources, Suella Braverman, the home secretary, was reportedly considering tightening the regulations; around dependents after Home Office immigration figures revealed a “surprising discrepancy”; among the various nations coming to the UK to work and study.

According to the Home Office research, even though Nigerian students made up just 7% of all foreign students during that time, they accounted for 40% of all dependents who traveled with foreign students in the year leading up to June. The UK granted student visas to about 34,000 Nigerians, who brought with them 31,898 dependents in total.

According to the statistics, 114,837 Chinese students entered the UK last year with a total of 401 dependents; while 93,049 Indian students entered the country with 24,916 dependents.


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