Google Opposes Facebook-backed Proposal For Self-Regulatory Body In India.

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Google has grave reservations about developing a self-regulatory body for the social media sector in India to hear user complaints; though the proposal has support from Facebook and Twitter (TWTR. N), sources with knowledge of the discussions told Reuters.

India in June proposed appointing a government panel to hear complaints from users about content moderation decisions. But has also said it is open to the idea of a self-regulatory body if the industry is willing.

The lack of consensus among the tech giants, however, increases the likelihood of a government panel being form – a prospect that Meta Platforms Inc’s (META.O) Facebook and Twitter are keen to avoid as they fear government and regulatory overreach in India, the sources said.

At a closed-door meeting this week, an executive from Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL. O) Google told other attendees the company was unconvince about the merits of a self-regulatory body. The body would mean external reviews of decisions that could force Google to reinstate content, even if it violated Google’s internal policies, the executive was quoted as saying.


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