AI Capital, Google, Others Back InstaDeep’s 9-Figure Series B

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A recent survey carried out by CNBC reported that 81% of executives worldwide say AI will play a notable role in business operations this year.

Companies are phasing from the first generation of AI, which deals with pattern, text and image recognition, to decision-making AI, which helps them make timely decisions in complex spaces.

Beguir, the chief executive officer, on a call with TechCrunch, said the eight-year-old company’s AI and machine learning solves an array of challenges.

They can range from a large shipping company finding ways to efficiently transport thousands of containers to a railway station, with more than 30,000 kilometres of railway, trying to automate scheduling for 10,000 trains. Other examples are the design of advanced therapeutics with silicon and routing components on a printed circuit board.

These types of problems, though in different verticals, have similarities. InstaDeep uses reinforcement learning, a kind of machine learning that helps design optimization strategies and tackles them simultaneously.

– TechCrunch

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