Microsoft Introduces Hybrid Workspace

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Microsoft has said there is a need to redefine work processes as around 40 per cent of the global workforce is considering leaving their current jobs.

According to the company, hybrid work is a new work approach that gives employees freedom and flexibility to divide their time between working in an office and working remotely.

The Regional General Manager for the Middle East and Africa Multi-Country Region at Microsoft, Ibrahim Youssry, said companies must approach the next phase of work quite carefully because it would “fundamentally impact who stays, who goes, and who seeks to join their teams”.

According to him, there is a need to note that the mass move to remote working has had several downsides.

He said, “For starters, an influx of virtual meetings and digital communication is causing employees to experience digital exhaustion.

“And a lack of spontaneous interaction can result in very siloed thinking because there is little opportunity for people from different teams to collaborate around how to solve a problem or to share creative ideas.”

According to him, there is a need to shape business culture going forward; what to do to attract and retain talent; how to respond to changes in your working environment; and how to approach future innovation would be key to success in the near future.

Youssry said, “In today’s workplace, it has never been more important to include everyone. Accessibility is the vehicle to inclusion.

“Just like everyone else, we at Microsoft have never done this before. We’ve used this period as an opportunity to grow and evolve our workplace so that we can deliver capabilities that help our employees, customers and business thrive.”

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