Foreign Affairs Minister Charges Diplomats To Change Narrative About Nigeria

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Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyema has charged officials of the ministry to change the negative narrative about the country in their diplomatic responsibilities abroad.

He made this call in Abuja in his opening remarks at the induction for officers posted abroad.

Onyema pointed out that foreign mission is a huge responsibility on the officials as they are going to represent Nigeria abroad.

“It rests on your shoulders as the officials to transform the narrative about Nigeria, ministry and the mission”.

He said there is a public hearing by the National Assembly to the ministry looking into the mission and how the affairs are run because Nigeria as a country is highly regarded everywhere around the world.

“Around the world, Nigerian embassies and the diplomats are highly regarded in multilateral sectors like the United Nation and as you can see, Nigerians are gaining the position.”

“Nigerian lady appointed Deputy Secretary-General of International Organisation for Migration and showing the calibre of people that we have with a lot of resolutions UN are making are sponsored by Nigerians in Geneva, New York and the Vienna.”

“The reality that people forget is that very often, diplomats work in a very difficult condition in terms of funding, power challenges, attending meetings sometimes without the availability of electricity supply. Doing wonderful things in very difficult circumstances.”

“If you go out there, I want you to notice something such as, we are potentially rich country but we are not a rich country.”

“With painful economic hardships at the moment, we are still trying to organize a lot of ways to make things easier for you as you go out representing the country.”

Onyema further gave the assurance on the better welfare package of the diplomats while they are on mission abroad.

“Mr President always said envoy outside the country need not be worried about salaries, rent and school fees for the children as it will be paid on time and those challenges will be things of the past as there will be no problem in the next three years”.

“I’ve spoken with the Permanent Secretary and assured him at the end of this year, we should be at the level playing ground again and all these problems will be a thing of the past”.

“You have all that it takes to represent Nigeria and every time you go out just know that you are representing two hundred million people. The country and the whole of Africa is looking up to you.”

“Nigeria is a country that a whole lot of other countries are looking up to. You will find your colleagues from other countries as you are representing Africa and they will want to see the position and direction you are going.

“The direction you are going is the same way Nigeria is going and they will want to key into that position because they see you and Nigeria as a leader and you must always remember that you are a leader,” Onyema said.

In spite of the huge investment in the water sector by the government and international organisations, water scarcity has grown to become a perennial nightmare for residents of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.


– Nigerian Tribune


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