China Expands Security Partnership with Hungary Beyond Trade

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In a recent meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, China extended its support to Hungary on public security matters, surpassing their traditional trade and investment ties.

This move comes as NATO faces challenges in expanding its European network. China, aiming to strengthen its 75-year diplomatic relationship with Hungary, expressed its desire to deepen law enforcement and security collaboration, as highlighted by Public Security Minister Wang Xiaohong during his visit to Budapest.

Wang emphasized the importance of joint efforts in combating terrorism and transnational crimes, hoping to elevate these initiatives as a new focal point in bilateral relations.During the visit, Wang Xiaohong engaged with Hungarian Interior Minister Sandor Pinter, where they exchanged agreements on law enforcement and security cooperation.

Despite lacking specific details, the meeting signifies a broader commitment between China and Hungary to enhance their partnership beyond economic aspects.

Source: Reuters

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