Dangote Refinery Plans to Import Crude from the US

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In anticipation of potential supply disruptions that could jeopardize its operations, Dangote Refinery is preparing to import crude oil from the United States in the coming months.

While the refinery primarily relies on domestic crude through a supply agreement with the trading arm of the state-owned NNPC, recent events have prompted diversification efforts. Dangote Refinery received its initial shipment of Nigeria’s Agbami crude, facilitated by a trading unit of Shell, alongside subsequent deliveries of Amenam, Bonny Light, and CJ Blend streams.

However, concerns linger among industry observers regarding Nigeria’s ability to consistently meet the refinery’s crude oil demand. Issues such as crude oil theft and insufficient investment in new oil fields pose significant challenges and could potentially disrupt supply chains.

In response, Nigeria is intensifying efforts to revitalize dormant oil fields and enhance onshore production, while implementing measures to mitigate security threats in the oil sector.The decision by Dangote Refinery to explore external sources for feedstock underscores the importance of securing reliable and consistent crude oil supply to sustain its operations.

Source: The Sun

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