Report Blames Nigeria’s Crude Oil Theft to Military Complicity

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Transparency International (TI), in collaboration with the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC), has released a damning report implicating Nigeria’s military in the thriving crude oil theft business.

The report, initially published in 2019 and recently reiterated, unveils a network of illicit actors, including corrupt officials, security personnel, and organized crime syndicates, profiting from the illegal siphoning of billions of dollars’ worth of oil annually. According to the report, researchers observed scenes of refined oil product unloading at various jetties, including Port Harcourt, Abonnema Wharf Jetty, Creek Road jetty, Woji jetty, Marine Base Jetty, and Iwofe Jetty.

The findings shows that Military involvement in the nefarious operations extends to tapping points and bush refining during transportation stages. Also, some military personnel either actively protect operators or turn a blind eye in exchange for financial gain as indicated by the report.

The implications of the report reveal the urgent need for comprehensive reforms and robust anti-corruption measures within Nigeria’s military and oil sector.

Source: Business Day

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