Gulf Capital Successfully Exits iSON Xperiences, Marking a Milestone in Growth

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Gulf Capital, a prominent private equity firm operating in Asia and the GCC, has announced its successful exit from iSON Xperiences, a leading tech-enabled customer experience and delivery partner offering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services across India and Africa. Gulf Capital’s strategic investment, along with AfricInvest, played a pivotal role in accelerating iSON’s growth, resulting in significant expansions in both geographic coverage and service offerings.

Key Points:

  1. Strategic Investments and Growth:
    • Gulf Capital and AfricInvest jointly invested approximately US$50 million in iSON, driving the company’s expansion initiatives.
    • During the partnership, iSON executed three strategic acquisitions, enabling it to broaden its geographical footprint in Africa, including key markets like Egypt and South Africa. The company also diversified its product portfolio and customer base.
  2. Impressive Financial Growth:
    • iSON achieved a remarkable 60% revenue growth during the partnership with Gulf Capital.
    • The company now derives approximately 50% of its revenues from new operational countries, demonstrating the successful execution of expansion strategies.
  3. Extensive Operational Reach:
    • Established in 2010, iSON, initially a single-country BPO provider, has evolved into a multinational entity operating across 19 countries.
    • With a dedicated workforce of over 18,000 employees, iSON handles more than 50 million customer transactions monthly, serving over 500 million customers worldwide.
  4. Gulf Capital’s Strategic Vision:
    • Gulf Capital’s investment in iSON was driven by the company’s dominant position in Africa’s customer service market, particularly in the telecoms sector across Sub-Saharan Africa.
    • The partnership resulted in superior risk-adjusted returns for Gulf Capital over the five-year holding period, showcasing the success of their investment strategy.
  5. Future Growth Prospects:
    • iSON’s Global CEO, Pravin Kumar, expressed gratitude to Gulf Capital for their instrumental support and trust in the company’s mission.
    • The company is poised for further growth and diversification, building on the foundation laid during Gulf Capital’s partnership.

Conclusion: The successful exit of Gulf Capital from iSON Xperiences marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth journey. Through strategic investments and expansion efforts, iSON has evolved into a leading player in the customer experience and BPO services industry, with an extensive operational reach spanning 19 countries. The partnership with Gulf Capital not only facilitated financial growth but also enabled iSON to enhance its offerings and reduce risk, creating lasting value. iSON Xperiences is well-positioned for continued success, guided by a dedicated management team and reputable institutional investors, and is set to embark on its next phase of growth with confidence and optimism.


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