Stock Market Buzz: FBN Holdings, Japaul, UBA, and More Drive Active Trading Frenzy

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In a dynamic trading session, the Nigerian stock market witnessed high activity, with FBN Holdings, Japaul Gold, UBA, Access Corporation, and Transcorp emerging as the top actively traded stocks. Investors enthusiastically participated in 7,932 deals, collectively swapping 436,956,185 shares with a total value of N7.013 billion.

Anticipating a week of varied sentiments, market analysts from Futureview have provided their weekly stock recommendations. They foresee a mixed outlook, citing the presence of several stocks trading at appealing discounts. Their advice to investors includes considering buying into brands like Guinness, Lafarge Africa, BUA Cement, Fidelity Bank, Fidson, Access Corporation, Nestle, Nigerian Breweries, MTNN, NEM, and Axa Manard. Futureview’s analysts project potential returns of at least 10 percent above the current market prices for these selected stocks over the next 12 months.

Leading the gainers’ league, Champion Breweries witnessed a remarkable surge from N2.90 to N3.19, marking a 10 percent increase or 29 kobo per share. Flour Mills closely followed suit, climbing from N30 to N33, reflecting a 10 percent gain or an impressive N3 rise.

Other notable gainers included NASCON, which moved up from N49.20 to N54.10, posting a significant addition of N4.90 or a 9.96 percent increase. Dangote Sugar Refinery also joined the upward trend, elevating its value from N52.25 to N57.45, representing an addition of N5.20 or a 9.95 percent rise. Furthermore, NAHCO experienced advancement from N20.10 to N22.10, showcasing an increase of N2 or a robust 9.95 percent rise.


The Nigerian stock market is bustling with energy as key players like FBN Holdings, Japaul Gold, UBA, Access Corporation, and Transcorp drive a surge in trading activity. This flurry of deals, encompassing a staggering 436,956,185 shares valued at N7.013 billion, underlines the market’s dynamism and the fervent engagement of investors.

As experts at Futureview predict a week of mixed sentiment, their recommendations offer investors valuable insights. The opportunity to buy into stocks like Guinness, Lafarge Africa, BUA Cement, and others at discounted rates holds promise for potential returns of over 10 percent within the next year. This guidance is a testament to the thorough analysis Futureview undertakes to aid investors in navigating the ever-changing landscape of the stock market.

The surge in Champion Breweries, Flour Mills, NASCON, Dangote Sugar Refinery, and NAHCO shares reflects a robust bullish sentiment. It’s a clear indication that investors are capitalizing on the upward momentum of these stocks. These gainers signify the market’s resilience and potential for lucrative returns for those who seize the right opportunities.

In summary, the Nigerian stock market’s current trajectory is a blend of frenetic trading, strategic recommendations, and notable gainers. This vibrant atmosphere showcases both the opportunities and challenges that investors must navigate in their quest for profitable investments.


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