The Budget Controller Reports Sh5.7 billion in Salaries Paid Outside of Payroll.

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In the first nine months up to March, the Controller of Budget (COB) reported Sh5.66 billion in salary payments made outside of authorized payroll systems.

The national government’s pay cost increased by about Sh16.55 billion from March to the third quarter of the fiscal year 2022–2023.

The method was designed to deal with the difficulties of manual payroll administration, which had been described as onerous, leading to paycheck delays, inaccurate staffing level determination, and poor financial accountability.

The fundamental goal of the system is to keep public sector personnel data accurate and uniform. The amount that MDAs spent on salaries during the most recent review period increased by 8.5 percent from Sh368.506 billion at the same time last year to Sh399.935 billion.


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