Strategic Partnership between Bopa Moruo, RMB Ventures, and Aurex Constructors.

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Aurex Constructors, RMB Ventures, and Bopa Moruo form a strategic alliance to build a stronger future.

June 2023, Johannesburg, South Africa – After several months of negotiations, Aurex Constructors (Aurex) is delighted to report that the merger with RMB Ventures and Bopa Moruo was completed successfully on June 7, 2023.

Aurex has improved its B-BBEE position through its strategic equity collaboration with RMB Ventures and Bopa Moruo, which has 51% black ownership. Through the partnership, Aurex is able to take advantage of the broad networks and industry knowledge of RMB Ventures and Bopa Moruo, expanding its market reach in South Africa and into other countries.

In addition, the agreement gives Aurex access to more financial resources and business expansion options, enabling the business to increase its capabilities and achieve new levels of success.


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