Nigeria’s Flared Gas Slumps By 500m SCF, Still One Of Top 7 Defaulters

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Operators in the Nigerian oil and gas industry only marginally decreased the amount of gas that was flared, from 10 billion Standard Cubit Feet (SCF) in December to 9.5 billion SCF.

Nigeria, one of the top seven gas-flaring nations, is thought to have 2 million residents who reside less than 4 kilometers from a flare site.

According to the most recent NNPC statistics, Mobil continued to be the greatest gas flaring offender throughout the period, with 1.76 billion SCF of gas flared—a considerable decrease from its 2.52 billion SCF. Shell came next, burning 1.2 billion SCF as opposed to 1.1 billion SCF.


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