Local Investors Dominate International Competitors As Transactions Totaled N170bn.

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Domestic investors outperformed their international counterparts on the Nigerian Exchange Limited, with a total value of transactions of N170.20 billion vs N24.90 billion for foreign transactions.

From N140.70 billion (about USD305.15 million) in December 2022 to N195.10 billion (around USD422.94 million) in January 2023, the total value of transactions grew by 38.66%.

This is true despite the fact that local investors outscored foreign investors by N145.30 billion, or 584 percent.

During December 2022 and January 2023, the institutional component of the domestic market expanded by 49.14%, from N90.21 billion to N134.54 billion.

Reviewing the performance over a 16-year period reveals that domestic transactions fell by 45.30%, from N3.556 trillion in 2007 to N1.945 trillion in 2022, while international transactions increased.

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