Only 9% of Kenyans work Full-time, Permanently.

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Less than 10% of Kenyan people hold steady full-time work, this highlights the high rates of reliance and poverty in a country where the government is battling a severe unemployment issue.

A well-targeted set of labor market laws, according to the International Labour Organization, are crucial for shielding employees from unjust treatment.

28.5 percent of Kenyans, according to data from the FinAccess Household Survey, 2022, are working in casual jobs, with Marsabit and Kitui counties leading the list with 44 percent of their population each, followed by Machakos (40.2 percent).

Only fifty percent of workers worldwide are paid a wage or salary; the other fifty percent work for themselves or their families.

In Kenya, Kajiado has the greatest percentage of people working for themselves (22. 6%), Nairobi (22.3 percent), Kilifi (21.2 percent) and Siaya (19.9 percent).


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