As the Ukraine Crisis Diverts Donor Money, the Gates Foundation Commits $7billion for Africa.

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As Bill Gates cautioned that the Ukraine crisis was lowering the amount of aid moving to the region. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said that it was investing $7 billion to Africa over the next four years.

The Foundation has pledged to fund initiatives that address hunger, sickness, poverty, and gender inequality. An increase of 40% over the amount spent over the preceding four years. Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa, will receive the largest portion.

The millionaire co-founder of Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) told media at the University of Nairobi during a visit to Kenya: “The tendency for aid is not to go up right now. The European budgets are badly affected by the Ukraine war.”

Much of East Africa, including Kenya,  suffering its worst drought in four decades.


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