Putin Says Russia has Enlisted 222,000 Men In The Military.

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Russia’s partial mobilization is almost over, it will be completed in about two weeks. By now 222,000 men out of an estimated 300,000 have already been called up for military service, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the media.

Putin added that he saw no need for expanding partial mobilization in the foreseeable future.

“Firstly, the Defense Ministry originally had a lower estimate, not 300,000 thousand. Secondly, there are no additional plans. No proposals from the Defense Ministry have been received in this regard. In the foreseeable future, I do not see any need,” he stated.

Putin said that mistakes made during the partial mobilization were due to outdated registration methods. Now the data base is being updated. “Only when these mobilization measures began to be taken, the quality of registration methods become clear. The data base is now being revised on a modern basis. It will be as authentic as possible. And its quality should be improved,” Putin explained.


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