Google fires 28 employees after protest over Israeli contract

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Google has terminated the employment of 28 employees following a sit-down protest organized by the group “No Tech for Apartheid” against Google’s contract with the Israeli government. The protest, held on Tuesday, targeted “Project Nimbus,” Google’s $1.2 billion contract with Amazon to provide cloud services to Israel.

Video footage showed police arresting Google workers at the Sunnyvale, California office of Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian, where the protest took place. The demonstration lasted for 10 hours, during which workers held signs condemning Israel’s actions in Gaza.

“No Tech for Apartheid” referenced a Time magazine article revealing a draft contract billing the Israeli Ministry of Defense over $1 million for Google’s consulting services. Google defended its work with Israel, stating that it provides cloud computing services to numerous governments, including Israel, but not for sensitive or military purposes.

A Google spokesperson explained that the protests were led by external groups and individuals not employed by Google, and disruptions occurred at only a few Google locations. Despite multiple requests to leave, the protesters remained, prompting law enforcement intervention to ensure office safety. The spokesperson affirmed ongoing investigations and further actions if necessary.

Source: Parrot Nigeria

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