The 2023 Budget is Read a Second Time.

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For the construction of large-scale housing projects around the state, the Lagos State Government has sought a stronger relationship with the World Bank. The commissioner urged collaboration with the Bank to make sure Lagos State realizes the goal of housing for everybody.

It asserted that cooperative efforts should also address the challenges posed by climate change; and technology and the likely impact on designing new homes for the future. He also stressed the need for vertical development of homes in a manner that allows the limited land available in the State to be optimized for maximum housing yield.

Akinderu-Fatai also requested the World Bank to promote finding inexpensive funding sources; not just foreign exchange, to support building more homes and making them easily accessible to end users, especially low-income earners, through convenient mortgages.

Dr. Fuad Malkawi, Senior Urban Development Specialist and Leader of the Spatial Planning Community of Practice at the World Bank spoke at the event and highlighted the desire of the Bank to collaborate with the State in creating and putting into practice urban regeneration policies in Nigeria.


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