Uganda’s Exports Primarily Go To Kenya and South Sudan.

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Data from the Ministry of Finance show that Uganda exported more commodities to Kenya and South Sudan in August than any other nation.

According to the Ministry of Finance’s Performance of the Economy report for the time period, exports to East African member nations increased from 57.7 percent in July to 86 percent over that time.
Kenya received $64.67 million in exports, while the DR Congo and South Sudan each received $61. 28 million and $64.07 million, respectively.

Additionally, maize, vanilla, hides, and skins saw a boost in revenue, according to the Ministry of Finance. The increase represents a 23.5% increase in export receipts from $306.97 million in July 2021 to $379. 16million, which was mostly due to greater receipts from fish, coffee, and sugar.

Asia continued to be the primary source of imports, making over 42% of all imports. The Middle East and the EAC came in second and third, with 27 percent and 13 percent of the total respectively. DR Congo, Kenya, and Tanzania together contributed 97 percent of all EAC imports.


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