98.75 million SIM Cards Are Not Used By Subscribers.

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According to recent industry statistics from the Nigerian Communications Commission, 98. 75 million registered SIMs belonging to telecom consumers were left unused in the month of July.

The total SIMs in circulation remained over 307.36 million for the third consecutive month in 2021. Also, the total number of active lines sustained its ascendency to 208. 61 million in July, with 2.52 million new subscribers.

This comes after a protracted easing of the impact of the National Identification Number and Subscriber Identity Module policy on the telecoms sector, with active customers increasing by 11. 27 percent (21.13 million) on an annual basis.

The NCC and National Identity Management Commission claim that a single Nigerian can have many SIM cards registered in their name. The sustained data usage was the reason for the rise in the number of active lines; despite growth in the number of unused lines.


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