Uganda To Refund Kenya 60mw Of Electricity Supplied.

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Uganda will pay back Kenya in kind the electricity that Kenya Power supplied; following power disruption in one of their dams that created a deficit in demand.

The landlocked neighbour had temporarily shut down Isimba Dam in Eastern Uganda after it flooded; leading to a power shortfall, forcing Kampala to import 60megawatts from Kenya to plug the gap.

At least two power generation units had been successfully restore at the dam; as the plant geared up for full capacity operations.

Kenya had dispatched 60 megawatts to Uganda to deal with the deficit. The dispatches, however, gradually reduced to 40MW when the first turbine of Isimba dam was restored.

“The government this week plans to export 50 Megawatts (MW) to Kenya as payment in kind for the power acquired last week to plug the gap occasioned by the emergency shutdown of Isimba hydropower dam,” Daily Monitor reported.


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