Cryptoverse: Electric Ether Leaps On Verge Of Merge.

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It looks like ethereum’s mega-upgrade is happening. Finally.

After years of delays, the “Merge” seems all but certain to take place in September, with the cryptography underlying the blockchain undergoing a radical shift to a system where the creation of new ether tokens becomes far less energy-intensive.

“It’s an exciting time for the ethereum ecosystem,” said Omar Syed, co-founder of smart contract platform Shardeum. “I think there will be drama surrounding the Merge, but I don’t think there will be any technical hiccups.”

Investors seem to agree, with ether outstripping big brother bitcoin.

Ether has seen six consecutive weeks of gains, pushing it up from a 1-1/2-year low of $880 in mid-June to levels closing in on $2,000, even though it’s way off its November 2021 peak of $4,868.79.


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