Nigeria, Other African Countries Need 20,000 Pilots –Report.

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Aircraft giant, Boeing has raised concern over the dearth of pilots, technicians, and cabin brew as the plane maker; In its 2022-2041 Pilot and Technician Outlook says Africa is to need 20,000 pilots, 21,000 technicians, and 26,000 cabin crew.

According to the PTO, Africa is to need 20,000 pilots, 21,000 technicians, and 26,000 cabin crew. Meanwhile, China will require 126,000 pilots, 124,000 technicians, and 162,000 cabin crew.

The European market demand for pilots is estimate to reach 122,000, 120,000 technicians, and 207,000 cabin crew. While the Latin American market will need 35,000 pilots, 35,000 technicians, and 48,000 cabin crew.

For the Middle East, 53,000 pilots, 50,000 technicians, and 99,000 cabin crew will be needed compared to 128,000; 134,000, and 173,000 respectively in North America and 22,000, 24,000 and 38,000 in Northeast Asia.

Furthermore, Oceania will require 9,000 pilots, 10,000 technicians, and 18,000 crew members; compared to 37,000, 34,000, and 43,000 in South Asia and 50,000 pilots, 58,000 technicians, and 85,000 crew in Southeast Asia.

In Nigeria, the scarcity of skilled manpower to replace the aging workforce is putting the country’s aviation industry; on the edge as the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria trains professionals yearly without companies to engage them for their services.

Aside from Nigeria, the global aviation industry is facing a similar problem. A widespread deficit of pilots across all continents has affected the sector, particularly in recent years, with cases of pilot shortages regularly occurring.


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