Airlines Record 116% Increase In Traffic In April 2022

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Air Peace and other airlines’ traffic across Africa increased by 116.2% in April 2022. This is compared to a year ago in March 2021. It was disclosed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). It indicates that air travel continues to be in a strong recovery trend.

According to IATA, the development is an acceleration over the 93.3% year-over-year increase recorded in March 2022. African airlines’ traffic rose 116.2% in April 2022 versus a year ago. An acceleration over the 93.3% year-over-year increase recorded in March 2022. April 2022 was up 65.7% and the load factor climbed 15.7% to 67.3%.

Thereafter, European carriers’ April international traffic rose 480.0% versus April 2021. Asia-Pacific airlines saw their April international traffic climb 290.8% compared to April 2021.
Middle Eastern airlines had a 265.0% demand rise in April compared to April 2021. Bettering the 252.7% increase in March 2022, versus the same month in 2021. April capacity rose 101.0% versus the year-ago period, and the load factor climbed 32.2 percentage points to 71.7%.

Willie Walsh, IATA’s Director-General, said, “With the lifting of many border restrictions, we are seeing the long-expected surge in bookings. People seek to make up for two years of lost travel opportunities”. April data is cause for optimism in almost all markets, except China, which continues to restrict travel.
However, it is also clear that the failings in how governments managed the pandemic have continued into the recovery. With governments making U-turns and policy changes, there was uncertainty until the last minute. This leaves little time to restart an industry that was dormant for two years.


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