NCAA to sanction airlines over false flight schedule

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The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has issued a warning to commercial airlines against deceitful departure time scheduling, emphasizing that such practices will lead to strict regulatory actions.

Acting Director General Capt. Chris Najomo, speaking through NCAA’s Director of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection, Michael Achimugu, stressed the NCAA’s zero-tolerance policy towards regulatory infractions.

Capt. Najomo, who recently took office, has prioritized making business operations smoother for airlines, including simplifying the licensing process.

He expects airlines to reciprocate by providing world-class services to passengers. The NCAA regulation prohibits airlines from displaying misleading departure times at counters, in advertisements, or on websites.

The NCAA is committed to ensuring that airlines comply with these standards and has begun monitoring for violations.

Offenders will face serious regulatory consequences, reinforcing the importance of transparency and superior service in the aviation sector.

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