Firm Invests In Renewable Energy, Generates 3,200 Kwh

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BAT Nigeria has invested millions of dollars in a solar power plant at its Ibadan manufacturing facility, generating an average of 3,200 kWh per day and reducing carbon emissions by an estimated 650 tonnes.

This investment in renewable energy supports the government’s environmental goals and highlights BAT Nigeria’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

The solar initiative aligns with Nigeria’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement, which aim for net-zero emissions by 2060.

These contributions include steps like ending gas flaring by 2030, promoting efficient gas generation, and achieving 30% energy efficiency by 2030.

BAT Nigeria’s approach not only benefits the environment but also reinforces its role as a responsible corporate citizen.

Director of External Affairs for BAT West and Central Africa, Odiri Erewa-Meggison, emphasized that the company’s use of solar power is intended to drive socio-economic development.

This includes providing access to clean energy, improving livelihoods, enhancing productivity, and fostering inclusive growth across Nigeria.

Additionally, BAT Nigeria contributes to the country’s economic growth through job creation, tax contributions, and support for local businesses.

(Daily Trust)

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