NATO targets AI, robots and space tech in $1.1 billion fund

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The NATO Innovation Fund (NIF) has confirmed its first investments, allocating part of its €1 billion fund to four European technology companies aimed at bolstering defense, security, and resilience. This initiative, backed by 24 of NATO’s 32 member states, including new members Finland and Sweden, was launched in response to the escalating security challenges following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The fund’s goal is to invest in advanced technologies that will enhance NATO’s defense capabilities.

The initial investments include Fractile AI, a London-based company focused on accelerating large language models (LLMs) like those used in AI applications such as ChatGPT, and ARX Robotics from Germany, which develops unmanned robots for tasks ranging from heavy lifting to surveillance. The other two beneficiaries are iCOMAT, a British manufacturer specializing in lightweight materials for vehicles, and Space Forge, a Welsh company that leverages space conditions to produce high-quality semiconductors.

In addition to these direct investments, the NIF has partnered with several venture capital firms, including Alpine Space Ventures, OTB Ventures, Join Capital, and Vsquared Ventures, to further support deep tech innovations across Europe. Andrea Traversone, the fund’s managing partner, emphasized the strategic importance of access to cutting-edge technologies for ensuring the security and prosperity of NATO’s member states.

Source: Reuters

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