Bitwise Predicts AI and Crypto Industries Could Add $20 Trillion to Global GDP by 2030

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Bitwise Asset Management, a prominent investor in Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), has projected that the combined growth of the cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence (AI) industries could contribute an astounding $20 trillion to global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2030. This forecast was detailed in a recent report by Juan Leon, Bitwise’s Senior Crypto Research Analyst, highlighting the immense potential and future integration of these two sectors.

Leon’s report emphasizes that the convergence of AI and crypto is poised to be a significant economic driver, particularly through advancements in Bitcoin mining, which leverages the same high-tech infrastructure required by AI firms. This includes powerful chips, sophisticated cooling systems, and other essential resources. The report cites examples such as CoreWeave’s $3.5 billion deal with Core Scientific and similar AI-hosting initiatives by companies like Hut 8 (HUT) and Iris Energy (IREN) as evidence of this growing synergy.

Furthermore, the report discusses the potential of blockchain technology to mitigate the challenges posed by AI, such as the proliferation of deep fakes and AI-generated content. Decentralized public blockchains are seen as a viable solution for validating information and ensuring authenticity. The report also notes significant investments and partnerships in projects at the intersection of AI and crypto, including the successful $3.1 million pre-seed round by Bagel Network, aimed at supporting machine learning models.

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