Interpol Nigeria boosts cybersecurity with digital asset training  

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In response to the increasing cases of cybercrimes in Nigeria, cybersecurity experts, along with the Nigerian Interpol and local intelligence community, came together to address the issue. They decided on virtual and digital asset training, with a specific focus on stablecoins, to equip intelligence bodies in the country.

The meeting, held in Abuja and organized by A&D Forensics in collaboration with the Africa Stablecoin Consortium, aimed to prepare Nigeria’s Interpol to deal with digital asset crimes, particularly those involving stable currencies. The training intends to empower Interpol agents with blockchain intelligence and analysis skills to combat cybercriminals engaged in cryptocurrency transactions.

According to Blockchain Specialist Chioma Onyekulu, cybercrime has evolved to include digital assets and blockchain-related thefts, making it essential for Interpol officers to receive specialized training. As Nigeria’s involvement with virtual asset exchanges grows, training will enable intelligence officers to effectively combat cybercrimes involving virtual assets, especially stablecoins.

Source: Coin Telegraph

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