BDC Gets 10k Dollars From CBN, To Sell At N1,269/$

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Leaders of African nations have received a call to action to create a thriving economic environment for talented youth, aiming to reduce migration outside the continent in search of better opportunities.

Madam Sa Mata Gifty Bukari, Consul General of the Ghana Consulate in Lagos, emphasized the importance of leveraging Africa’s raw materials to produce competitive products, encouraging African youths to stay and contribute to the continent’s growth.

During Ghana’s 67th independence celebration, Madam Bukari highlighted the need for African nations to promote small-scale farming and adopt modern agricultural practices to enhance food security and create employment opportunities for young people. She urged African countries to maximize the potential of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) to foster economic growth and strengthen bilateral relations, affirming Ghana’s commitment to partnering with Nigeria in this endeavor.

Source: Daily Trust

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