Why the Internet blackout is a suspicious occurrence

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The recent internet outage that affected several major trading blocs in Africa, including Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Liberia, and Côte d’Ivoire, raises significant concerns about cybersecurity and its implications for democracy, trade, and the continent’s independence.

The outage, occurring at a time when some of these countries are gearing up for general elections, prompts questions about the motives behind such a cyber attack. While the explanation of an undersea cable disruption is given, many suspect there is more to it from a geo-cyberpolitical perspective. This incident indicates the vulnerability Africa faces in the digital age, with over half a billion people online. It highlights the need for a thorough exploration of the complexities of internet and cyber warfare in the continent’s evolving technological landscape.

In response to these risks, it is crucial for both state institutions and private entities, particularly in the financial and security sectors, to conduct comprehensive audits of corporate and private accounts to prevent or address potential breaches in financial security, data security, and information security. This proactive approach is essential for mitigating the impacts of cyber threats and safeguarding Africa’s digital future in an increasingly interconnected world.

Source: Business Day

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