Nvidia unveils latest Artificial Intelligence chip

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Nvidia has revealed its latest artificial intelligence (AI) chip, the B200 “Blackwell,” boasting a remarkable 30 times faster performance than its predecessor. With an 80% market share, the company aims to solidify its dominance in the AI chip sector.

At its annual developer conference, Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, also introduced a suite of new software tools to complement the chip’s capabilities. As the third-most valuable company in the US, behind Microsoft and Apple, Nvidia’s shares have surged by 240% over the past year, reaching a market value of $2 trillion last month.

The unveiling of the B200 chip and accompanying software tools generated significant excitement at the conference, with industry observers drawing comparisons to the early days of iconic tech presentations by figures like Steve Jobs. Major customers such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI are expected to integrate Nvidia’s flagship chip into their cloud-computing services and AI offerings. The new software tools, called microservices, enhance system efficiency, making it easier for businesses to incorporate AI models into their operations.

Source: BBC NEWS

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