Airbnb Bans Security Cameras in Guest Homes

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Airbnb has announced a significant policy change, banning the use of indoor security cameras in guest homes globally. The decision aims to prioritize privacy and address concerns raised by guests who discovered hidden cameras in Airbnb lodgings.

Previously, Airbnb allowed indoor security cameras in common areas with clear visibility and disclosure in listings. However, instances of hidden cameras, particularly in areas where privacy is expected, prompted complaints on social media.In a blog post, Airbnb stated that the ban on indoor security cameras, along with stricter rules on outdoor cameras, will come into effect on April 30. While doorbell cameras and noise decibel monitors for security purposes will still be permitted, hosts must disclose the locations of any outdoor security cameras.

Juniper Downs, head of community policy and partnerships at Airbnb, emphasized the goal of creating clear rules to provide the community with greater clarity about what to expect on the platform.The new policy reflects Airbnb’s commitment to safeguarding the privacy of its community members and ensuring a comfortable and secure experience for guests staying in Airbnb properties.

Source: Parrot Nigeria

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