Anger as Nigerian Airport is Named after Tinubu

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A decision to rename Minna International Airport after President Bola Tinubu has sparked criticism in Nigeria. The government of Niger State announced the renaming, citing Tinubu’s contributions to regional development.

However, many Nigerians have denounced the move as a vanity project. President Tinubu attended the inauguration of the remodeled airport, formerly known as Abubakar Imam International Airport, named after a renowned Nigerian writer and journalist. Abubakar Imam played a significant role in pioneering the region’s first Hausa language newspaper.

However, the decision to rename Minna International Airport after Tinubu has stirred controversy, with critics questioning the rationale behind the renaming and expressing concerns about the prioritization of political figures over historical and cultural figures.The renaming of airports has ignited debates about the significance of honoring individuals in public infrastructure projects and the need for transparency and inclusivity in decision-making processes.

Source: BBC news

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